Monday, 1 August 2011

Day 7- Things I lust after

I would love to have a big fat moan fest right about now. But Alas, I shan't. I know I just spoke about faith but its proving to be quite hard. Still, God is good all the time and I'm learning to wait on him to strengthen me. :)

On to my challenge.Yes, I'm still trudging along with it. Trust me I want to give up like yesterday but its called a challenge nay? and I'm learning not to give up so easily sooo

Things I lust after *lovestruck smiley*

  • My current laptop, which I affectionately call Grandma, is well past its use by date and it frustratessss the hell out of me! This new baby would be welcome with open arms!
  • Mac book pro
  •  I went sight seeing the other day in town and tried this on in one of these opticians shop/eyewear shops and I fell in love lust. The cat eyes are so retro and glam! This would definitely make the ultimate summer accesory.

  •  I heart these vivienne westwood shoes! Not my typical kind of shoe but again, I love how retro and glam and cute it is.( I don't know whats up with the retro glam ish) 

 I was meant to list 5..but I guess I'm not in full on lust mode cuz I could only think of 3.

Actually, an all expense paid holiday to New York would be nicee! :D

Thursday, 28 July 2011


The past few weeks I've been learning alot about faith. Belief is soo important. People talk about the power of believing in yourself and how much we can achieve by doing that. So, imagine how much more power there is in believing in God and His word. The Bible seed says faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain. People were healed by Jesus according to the level of their faith. My prayer is God helps us all to tap into the power of faith in every area of our lives. Amen

Monday, 25 July 2011

Day 6- What I wore today Yesterday

I have a massive backlog of posts I have written in my head. *sigh*. The past two weeks have been busy busy with work, graduation ceremonies, graduation parties, had one everyday this weekend! My friend Michelle  (who is part of my backlog  of posts) was my fellow partyer and put some pics up on her blog. So, after finally  graduating and celebrating my graduation and all my friends' graduations, the dust is finally settling and its time to face the futuree! :s

Nyhoos yes, I am still on this on this challenge -_- I am determined to finish the 10 days no matter how long it

Yesterday was a busy day, had breakfast early with the fam, church, errands, and my friends grad party. And this was my outfit for the day. :)

My lil sis is around and she is quite the budding photographer so I decided to use her services and we had fun with our little photoshoot.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Solange's look

Saw this picture of solange on fouraces and had to blog it. She looks so fresh! Love the braids, pink lippy and orange and beige combo. I would defo be trying this look soon. Not the hair though, I have braids on at the moment but solanges braid up-do is a tad too fierce for me. Still love it tho

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Day 5- My opinion about my body and how comfortable I am with it

So this challenge comes under a topic I’ve been meaning to talk about. I’m 5 ft 9 and a size 8 (sometimes 6) (almost model stats ;) I’ve been giving the “oh you should model” talk and “oh I wish my tummy was flat like yours”. I’ve been called skinny, lepa, longy, bony, bongafish...etcetera. I really couldn't care less. Of course what people say sometimes affects me, and I might say “Oh maybe I should eat more so I can grow fatter” or “maybe I would have breast implants later”...(lol.) BUT I’m not really going to cuz I don't want to wake up fatter or skinnier than I already am. God knows I eat enough already, it just is what it is. My only issue is with “fuller figured” girls who carry the big is beautiful mantra too far and try to make slimmer girls look bad. Girl Puhlease! This is especially an african thing and it annoys me. God made you as you are and made me as I am but all of a sudden because you are trying to defend your look you think you are better. Slimmer women are not lesser women.

 Obviously there is a limit and I’m not talking sickly looking. But how does my being beautiful affect you from being beautiful too??

If you’re big and you look like Marilyn Monroe (or close) girl there are no forces holding you from rocking that bod. Obviously don’t be overweight cuz that is never a good look. But at the end of the day, I think you’ve just got to work with what you got, dress and carry yourself accordingly. Kapish

Monday, 11 July 2011

Day 4- First 5 songs on my music player

I'm so sorry I've been MIA. Had to work long ass shifts this weekend and I know I have woefully failed this challenge but I shall continue anyhoos! *Ye shrug*

I will be doing just the first 5 cuz I need to elaborate and 10 is too loong :D

  • When a heart is broken- Lemar
There was a time I used to be in love with lemar my husband! When I was about 16 I hopped on a 2hr bus ride with a fellow Lemar junkie to see him for free and did I see him?..No! We got there late. It was SO sad! It wasn't his music that first got me it was his face! lol. then his voice and the love transferred to his music so I was beyond excited when my cousin/ex roomie got me his album for my 17th birthday. The love has subsided now and all that remains are his soulful love serenades on my iTunes. *sigh* Now that I just listened to this again..this is such a good break up song.

  • Sweet like Chocolate--??
A friend uploaded this on my laptop. Its a funky house/dance kinda song, I don't even know who sang it but the beat is catchy and the hook line "sweet like chocolate" is catchy too. Always reminds me of this friend but its just another random song on my iTunes.

  • Nobody cared - Canton Jones
We did this song for choir in my second year and we all fell in love with the song. It sincerely echoes how I feel most of the time..when nobody cares..Jesus still loves me!
  • Lets get lifted again- John Legend
John Legend is as his name states..a legend. Love him. I have all his albums and I don't think I could ever get tired of listening to his voice.

  • Talk about our love- Brandy and Kanye west
My guys! I love ALL of Brandy's songs cuz she is my mainest G from way back. And Kanye is (or used to be) my guy, so obvs when they did a collab together..I loved it! I love singing and rapping along to this :D

And its a wrap! Most of this is really old..and this is a very random selection from my massive library. :D

Friday, 8 July 2011

Sugabelly's Language Challenge

Erm so I'm quite embarrassed about this post especially after hearing a couple other people that have done theirs..BUT Anyhoos! I wrote a post a while back about yoruba speaking and when I saw this I really wanted try it so Here goes! (n i keep missing the 12am deadline!) *_*

Language challenge by dammieway


Goodevening people! Today, I'm taking a break from the 10 day challenge to do another challenge -sugabelly's language challenge- because I think its a really good idea and its something we should all do. Plus I've been finding it really difficult to keep up with this 10 day challenge (even though I cheated) cuz blogging everyday isn't something I'm used to but I shall try to keep up for the next week.

So, you've figured out I'm yoruba but my yoruba is very rusty. I'm going to say I how I started speaking it and all. The thing is I didnt grow up speaking yoruba I always spoke English at home. I always understood yoruba but i just never spoke it. At this stage of my life I really think its about time to start polishing my yoruba. It seems like our culture is getting lost, especially among us abroad and even those at home in Nigeria. A lot of people just don't speak their language but its something I would really like to start speaking. Please dont abuse me too much! Have mercy cuz I know my yoruba isn't great and I keep adding english. I will put a transcript at the end for the benefit of non speakers. I dont want to talk much cuz I don't really have anything important to say. I just wanted you guys to hear my yoruba and encourage other people that hear this to do theirs too whether you speak yoruba, ibo, hausa or even pidgin(or perhaps a non nigerian language)..cuz its kinda cool.

Visit Sugabelly's page to find out more
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