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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day 2 - A Book I love

I love reading books, so I definitely had to do this one. I started with the cheesy M&B's and progressed to the Sidney Sheldons etc. I love a lot of books, although I don't remember the names of all these books. A few of my favourites are Pride and prejudice, Half of a yellow sun, a lot of Marian keyes's ones, Eat, pray, love. but today I'm going to talk about the one I'm currently reading or shall I say re-reading. It's one of  Francine River's Mark of the Lion series, A Voice in the wind.

I found this randomly in my aunty's house and started reading it out of boredom and I was hooked. All three books in the series are very well written and it transports you to roman times,with their excesses (have you seen Spartacus?) and early Christians in those times. They are full of history, romance and so many moral lessons and the characters are so vivid. This is particularly my favourite because of the main character Hadassah, her humility is soo striking and she was the sort of person I would love to know. Reading about her was like a challenge to be better in so many ways and her strength, her courage, her devotion to God. etc etc. All in all its a really good book either as just plain fiction or as christian fiction. The fact that I am reading it for the second time says alot!

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