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Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal wedding is upon us!!!

So, yeah, I am one of those annoying people who are super excited about the royal wedding. Its not like relevant royalty gets married everyday, so the excitement is needed!!! Plus if its going to cost the British economy £32 million pounds...Heck! we might as well!

I once wrote about how fairytales are evil fairytale schmoozytale, they are still evil!...BUT, you can't hate on a real life fairytale..*lovestruck smiley*. Kate or rather Catherine Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, as she would be known from today, is one lucky girl living the disney fairytale and Prince William is quite the catch! (Although, I think the fuller haired Harry is an even biger catch *wink*).  Disney should follow in the steps of Gossip Girl and make a movie with slight reference to them, it will at least make their stories more closer to real life than all their other junk.

I wish I was camped outside Buckingham palace, but alas! I do not live in fairytale land and I have big bad exams coming up soon. But you don't have to be camped outside the palace to celebrate the day.  Loads of people are having a tea parties in their houses, there have been street parties going on, heard from twitter that there's even an after party at some club in Lagos ^_-.Whatever way you choose, do celebrate the royal couple! If  you're super busy, like ME, you can just watch the wedding live from YouTube and have you own little tea party (where you of course have to drink some tea! Even if you don't dress up). The Broadcast goes live from 10am UK time  on the Royal Wedding YouTube Channel (There's a channel for everything these days).

SugarySea wishes Prince William and Kate Princess Catherine a beautiful day with sunshine! :s And a happy, long and fruitful married life!!
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