About Sugary sea

Sugary sea is an Inspirational lifestyle blog.

Inspirational- The whole point of this blog is to engage, encourage and inspire. To show that the bright side of life and that you can be more than whatever current state you are in now. The tag "As far as your eyes can see" is from Genesis 13:15 where God promises to give Abraham as far as his eyes can see. In context, your blessing will only go as far as your vision and sugary sea hopes to be a vision broadener. I visits lots of blogs that leave me encouraged and inspired and I hope this can be like one of those.

Lifestyle- Because I have a myriad of interests and I'm sure you all do too, sugary sea is quite the all-rounder. Everything from music, style, spirituality, politics, hair, relationships, current affairs/debates, people,..etc and this is the kind of content I will be putting out here.

Sugary sea will only get better and better by Gods grace and I hope you guys would come on board for the ride :)

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