Wednesday, 27 January 2010

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School is just random as in!! I kinda feel my life is just wasting away..lecture, ibrary, home, eat, facebook, sleep. As in wth kinda robot schedule is that?! Ok, I may be exaggerating a tiny bit but I'm just not in love with the system right now.

Sha, today I decided worry was off limits and therefore automatically fear and sadness too. I cannot kill myself because of tomorrow! So even on the darkest todays I can always manage to crack a smile and I think everyone should try it too. I hate people who are constantly screwfacing..I mean really! Life can't be that bad now, could it? The problem with me is that I wear my emotions on my when I'm face goes all thoughtful and I look worried. But on a good day, I could be walking down the road and smiling to myself. The worst is when I'm having a very passionate I never used to be aware of this and it was my friends that made me notice. So with awareness comes control and I have mastered the poker face look for when I want to hide emotions.

It's funny how you can read some peoples mind through their faces and others manage to keep totally straight faces even though they are planning how to kill you, lather you with barbeque sauce, roast you and eat you. I personally thing too much poker face is scary whereas animated faces are comical but endearing. But i dunno what other people it better to let everyone know what you're thinking or keep everyone guessing..mystery vs openness, especially with the opposite sex and stuff.

Saturday, 16 January 2010


New year, new blog, new focus, new better me.
2010's got to be gonna make sure!

So this post is like the dew on this blog, hence Dewey. (Tied in with the whole sea, water least i think)


Life's one thing only: what you make it
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