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Monday, 18 April 2011

The sore looser syndromne

The sore looser

Lucky winner
 So, after being swept away in the euphoria of fairly "free and fair elections" we find ourselves waking up to news of riots and killings of youth corpers in Kaduna. To be honest, I personally would have voted for Buhari, if I got the chance to vote because I feel that PDP's stronghold on the country needs to be gone. Fair enough people say they voted for Goodluck and not PDP, in any case with a 10 million lead, the people have spoken. Nigeria wants Goodluck and all his lucky charms.

After having thought that Buhari was a decent candidate I am very disappointed that even after the riots his only response has been  lodge an official complain with INEC that the elections were rigged. Instead of trying  to calm down his supporters and urge them to stop the violence for the sake of a peaceful country. This is certainly not the type of selfish, short-sighted, sour candidate I would have liked to see as the president of Nigeria. Time would tell if Goodluck would be any better but I will remain positive.

The killings in Kaduna are however not a good sign. I pray that the souls of all the victims rest in peace and I pray that God will comfort their families. For the displaced and injured people, I pray that God will be there with  them in these horrible times.

I pray that Nigeria will not be another Ivory Coast, please pray for Nigeria.
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