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Thursday, 14 April 2011

The gift of singleness

It almost sounds like an overcompensating joke. At least, I thought so the first time I came across the book with this title. Being single at the time( still am), this might have been a cheery book to read, but I thought “Nah, I don’t need any patronising soothsayers to tell me how lucky I am to be single" *insert exaggerated eyeball rolling*.

Remember those innocent, carefree days of when you were much younger. When you only had to worry about your times tables. I miss those days! I didn’t have to worry about anything!!... At least not anything serious. The same cycle continues, we're always going to long for the simpler days.

Fast forward 10 years down the road. You are married to a great man, have 2/3 great kids, and a nice job. Its exactly how you pictured it but guess what ?! you didn't imagine that you wouldn’t have time for yourself. It’s always going to be my kids this, my husband this, my job that! Even with just a boyfriend, you still have to think about the other person and plan with them in mind.

The gift of singleness is freedom. You don’t have all that stress, you can just do you. You can call the shots in your own life without anyone’s approval. You can travel to Antarctica if you like, shave off your hair..whatever! (err..almost whatever) Focus on you. your dreams. your goals. The person you want to become. Do the things you've always wanted to do. Enjoy your own company. Goof around in your room. Chat to your friends forever and not feel guilty.  Know and love you!!

I think not worrying about the future really helps. Knowing that at the right time God will bring the right guy. If I know that day will surely come, that means I have limited days of freedom left and I sure as hell would make use of them now before they run out.

For all the single people out there, I hope you begin to see the gift in your singleness and just enjoy me-time.
And here's a stirring p4cm video about waiting. Enjoy :)

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