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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day 2 - A Book I love

I love reading books, so I definitely had to do this one. I started with the cheesy M&B's and progressed to the Sidney Sheldons etc. I love a lot of books, although I don't remember the names of all these books. A few of my favourites are Pride and prejudice, Half of a yellow sun, a lot of Marian keyes's ones, Eat, pray, love. but today I'm going to talk about the one I'm currently reading or shall I say re-reading. It's one of  Francine River's Mark of the Lion series, A Voice in the wind.

I found this randomly in my aunty's house and started reading it out of boredom and I was hooked. All three books in the series are very well written and it transports you to roman times,with their excesses (have you seen Spartacus?) and early Christians in those times. They are full of history, romance and so many moral lessons and the characters are so vivid. This is particularly my favourite because of the main character Hadassah, her humility is soo striking and she was the sort of person I would love to know. Reading about her was like a challenge to be better in so many ways and her strength, her courage, her devotion to God. etc etc. All in all its a really good book either as just plain fiction or as christian fiction. The fact that I am reading it for the second time says alot!

Monday, 11 April 2011

And It is written...

So, a couple of years back I remember when I began to test my writting prowess and I wrote out a bunch of random scenarios. I am still not a very good prose writer, it may be something I wish to experiment more with later but we shall see.

Life is for sharing, so I thought I would share them with you.

They do not make sense in a progressive manner. They are just a bunch of lines/paragraphs where I try to play around with similies and just the flow of words. Some of them make more sense than the others...I have my favourites...but I'll leave you to decide yours( if you have any). Enjoy


The rain poured down heavily. Flooding my senses with memories of every time we had walked this same route to my place. They were all happy memories, blissfull ones in fact. The wind jolted my umbrella upwards, and the rain poured heavily on me soaking me through and through. I tasted the warm salty tears mixed with rain on my lips and slowly continued to make my way home.

Always, always and forever yours. Sometimes, I wander away and get lost. Sometimes, my feet finds itself in dodgy territories, my eyes seek new and delightful sights and my flesh aches for lusty thrills of the world. But your love, the sweet, poignant, far reaching tendrils of your love always draws me back into your embrace. You’re always there. No matter what, no matter how far I wander, you always take me back. Please always be like this and never let me go because I‘ll only always and forever be yours if you’ll always and forever be mine, my Lord, my King and my God.
(This one was more from the heart than from the head)

She was all he wanted in a girl; smart, sexy and at the same time innocent...innocent enough for him to want to protect her. It made him feel very important and manly. The fact that despite all her brains and beauty she still needed him, that did wonders for a man’s ego. He watched her as she spoke to their realtor, outlining all the specifications she wanted for their dream house. He had recently proposed to her and they were planning on moving in together. Finding the right house was proving difficult but it was more of Sheila’s problem. His problem had come earlier in form of the proposal. He had wanted it to be perfect and he had spent many nights worrying and many days planning the perfect scenario for it. He had consulted Dapo, his best friend and Angela, Sheila’s younger sister day and night to go over every detail and to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything. It had to be perfect because this was the first time and last time he was ever going to propose to a woman. But it was also his nature, if he was going to be involved in anything it had to be planned articulately and executed perfectly.

Reading and writing and the preservation of language and its forms and the kind of eloquence and the kind of beauty which the language is capable of is terribly important to the human beings because this is connected to thought. — Iris Murdoch
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