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Monday, 25 July 2011

Day 6- What I wore today Yesterday

I have a massive backlog of posts I have written in my head. *sigh*. The past two weeks have been busy busy with work, graduation ceremonies, graduation parties, had one everyday this weekend! My friend Michelle  (who is part of my backlog  of posts) was my fellow partyer and put some pics up on her blog. So, after finally  graduating and celebrating my graduation and all my friends' graduations, the dust is finally settling and its time to face the futuree! :s

Nyhoos yes, I am still on this on this challenge -_- I am determined to finish the 10 days no matter how long it

Yesterday was a busy day, had breakfast early with the fam, church, errands, and my friends grad party. And this was my outfit for the day. :)

My lil sis is around and she is quite the budding photographer so I decided to use her services and we had fun with our little photoshoot.

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