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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day 3- How important I think education is

I was going to do the “what did you eat today?”question. But I thought that would be too lazy and no one would be terribly interested, so I’m going to do the “How important I think Education is” one. Here goes.

Having reached the peak or at least the sub peak of my education, I’ve been thinking back at how useful the past three years have been. I do feel like I have learnt so much more and I look at the world with more enlightened eyes BUT for most people you only go to school so you can earn more. Do I think going to university increases your future earnings?...Yes and no. Sir Alan Sugar didn’t go to Uni and look at him. What got him where he is today is drive, hard work and common sense. However, if he never got the basic education he got...all that potential would have been wasted.

The most important bit of education is early education in primary and secondary and that’s why the state of WASSCE and JAMB results in Nigeria break my heart. I really think that we cannot be great unless we solve the problem of education in Nigeria and Africa. China and India are among the emerging economies in the world because their governments have invested so much into education. Their kids are excellent in science and technology subjects, their universities have enough funds to carry out ground breaking research etc etc and I think is one of their main advantages.

I think the more educated you are the more empowered you are either as an individual or as a nation. And of course we can learn in schools, from people even through just living.

Here’s a video by Fela Durotoye, the motivational speaker that I think sums up everything

And just cuz! Here’s what I ate today.hehe

  • First thing in my mouth at about 6ish plantain chips straight from Nigeria!

  • A Krispy kreme donut that I actually didn’t really like—yeah I’m not really a krispy kreme person

  • Some of my cousins jacket potato—

  • Semolina and ogbonna stew—

  • The rest of my plantain chips—

Today was an unusual food day, I’m usually more balanced and "healthy"
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