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Saturday, 5 March 2011

A few of my favourite things--Style Crush

Rather late but happy new month guys! We are Marching*forgive*

So on the sidebar, there's a list of my current favourite things. I say current, because I cannot guarantee the length of my love relationships with these things. I can be very fickle sometimes but while the love affair lasts, I shall try to show you why I love them so!

I’m going to start from the bottom of the list...not for any particular reason but it’s the most recent relevant occurrence on my mind.

Zara Okpara: So the other day my cousin/aunty (she’s everything all rolled in one...Lol) and I found out we had the same style crush after she saw my little list in the sidebar. Normally I don’t really like sharing my favourite things (selfish, I know) but some things are too good not to share. After seeing her face among a sea of others in various magazines and blogs, her face quickly became familiar because she was always looking on point. In today’s scene where everyone is trying to be over sexy and trendy and cool...everything at the same time! She comes as a blast of fresh air with her subtle sexiness and understated chic.

Here, she looks feminine, sexy and kinda edgy with the low back of the dress and the shoes. The JBL dress is a number and she keeps it simple with no accessories, killer shoes and flowing locks. I woulda ditched the purse though but she still looks great.

Again she keeps it fresh. Bright red lippy, loose shirt and keeps the focus on the print pleated skirt while the red bag adds a bit of pop. She complements her figure with the loose fitting pieces and gives off this I-don’t-try-too-hard-but-still-nail-it look.

And my favourite:

I LOOOVEEEE this neon green Bridget Awosika skirt! Like when I saw it I wanted to die...not literally but gosh excitement! (neon green is one of my favs right now too,partly cuz of Bridget Awosika’s look book) I don’t really know where to start from here. I love the colour palette of black, neon and purple and the chunky necklace; everything just works together so well! 10/10 This look is currently one of the nominees for the best dressed for Jan/Feb on Bella Naija. I have obviously voted for this look but unfortunately the ultra fabulous and famous Genevieve appears to be trumping the cards. Oh well, there are plenty more months in the year.

So, from all my gushing, I guess you could say I love Zara's style in general , these are just a few pics I found loitering the internet. But in almost everything I've seen her in she looks good and not only that she wears the type of things I want to wear. Most people have people they look up to for style inspiration although they’re usually distant American stars, however in a bid to support our own, I’ve found one closer to home. Good thing it’s kinda part of her job to stay stylish as she works as a PR manager for the fashion house, Jewel by Lisa, So there’s no fear of a downward trend anytime soon. Keep ‘em coming girl!

Do you have any (African or otherwise) style crushes? Do share!

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