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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dear Final year Exams

Dear Final Year Exams,

Thank you for being the big hurdle at the end of Uni that determines a huge part of my life afterwards. If you weren't so important, I definitely wouldn't have bothered that much and that means I wouldn't have been able to finally kind of understand the whole point of my course and learn so much in such a short time. It means I would never have known what it felt like to be up for more than 24 hrs straight, it kinda made me feel like superwoman ;). Thank you for being all time consuming, even though i'm missing out on things like my blog and job applications, I could have also been occupied doing far worse things. And finally thank you for showing me that I can push myself out of my comfort zone, I was getting worried about that. I hope you bring me good results.

Lots of love n appreciation,

So, I got this idea from this really cool blog. Thx thx thx, she writes thank you notes to the randomnest things! Here's one she did about facebook. The lesson is that there is ALWAYS some thing to be thankful for :)

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