Monday, 10 May 2010

Loving is the state of mind

Thought I lost u there but alas no! Phew! Nyhoos back to by bloggy boo..hehe. Been a long while but I'm back.

Been asking God for a while to help me make a decision with regards to this summer. I really didn't want to make the decision based on my own wants like I really wanted God to guide me especially because many times before I always did exactly what I wanted without considering God's input. Nyhoos, while I was stressing about not wanting to make the wrong choice I prayed a little earnest prayer and just like a little whiff of something, I caught it! He basically said "I'll be with you wherever you go". Just that n it totally made my day!! Like I cannot begin to even explain...Like when I was finally willing to let Him choose and wait on Him for the answer..and He lets me do whatever I want. I love Him soo much!! Like ah just bliss! ( You can't understand till you experience it trust me) And because of it, its like I have love spewing out of every exit in my I hope this high lasts

Nyhoos, pressing issues at hand are EXAMS!!! Eurgh..terrible I tell you, but it's gotta be done. God see me through
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