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Friday, 8 July 2011

Sugabelly's Language Challenge

Erm so I'm quite embarrassed about this post especially after hearing a couple other people that have done theirs..BUT Anyhoos! I wrote a post a while back about yoruba speaking and when I saw this I really wanted try it so Here goes! (n i keep missing the 12am deadline!) *_*

Language challenge by dammieway


Goodevening people! Today, I'm taking a break from the 10 day challenge to do another challenge -sugabelly's language challenge- because I think its a really good idea and its something we should all do. Plus I've been finding it really difficult to keep up with this 10 day challenge (even though I cheated) cuz blogging everyday isn't something I'm used to but I shall try to keep up for the next week.

So, you've figured out I'm yoruba but my yoruba is very rusty. I'm going to say I how I started speaking it and all. The thing is I didnt grow up speaking yoruba I always spoke English at home. I always understood yoruba but i just never spoke it. At this stage of my life I really think its about time to start polishing my yoruba. It seems like our culture is getting lost, especially among us abroad and even those at home in Nigeria. A lot of people just don't speak their language but its something I would really like to start speaking. Please dont abuse me too much! Have mercy cuz I know my yoruba isn't great and I keep adding english. I will put a transcript at the end for the benefit of non speakers. I dont want to talk much cuz I don't really have anything important to say. I just wanted you guys to hear my yoruba and encourage other people that hear this to do theirs too whether you speak yoruba, ibo, hausa or even pidgin(or perhaps a non nigerian language)..cuz its kinda cool.

Visit Sugabelly's page to find out more
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