Thursday, 4 February 2010

Fairytale schmoozytale

Why do we just have to have the most unrealistic ideals about romance growing up and when you're all grown up, you come crashing down hard into the real world? Sex and the city already helped in figuring one of the roots of our freaking ideals and they are the lovely fairytales championed by disney ofcourse (for girls at least). The girl with the wicked stepmother and mean step sisters who is treated like a slave, or the girl locked away in a castle with no escape..whatever the sad story, rest assured prince charming would come to your rescue. Little girls parade up and down in their tiaras and cute litle princess costumes and you think "Aw how cute"...but really what's Cinderella without her prince? I grew up believing that finding a husband and getting married was the be all and end all of my life.

Like it wasn't enough that I'ld already been conditioned to stick it out in whatever sorry situation I found myself and wait for Prince Charming, I had to go and compound the issues by geeting hooked on Mills and Boom novels in sec. school, thanks to my lovely seat mate. And I know I'm not the only one who went through this phase. Now my ideals were higher and not just any prince charming would do. He had to be have a body carved like Ardonis and he had to be stupidly rich or have some royal blood or at least have a relative ready to bequeath him with a handsome inheritance. When we touched, there had to be electric sparks and there definitely had to be chemistry between us and he had to do all he could to get me no matter how hard-to-get I played.....

Now do you see the dilemna that this has created..Stupid Disney and M&B.Kmt! If only I had known the consequence of indulging in such sweet nothings. The only positive thing I am willing to hang on to is happily ever afters. I mean a girl still has to dream right..even though its definition has been constantly redefined over the years, to account for the odd hiccups and drama. The rest have to go and I soo have to cleanse my mind from years of brain washing. I mean there are the one or two people who look like they have fairytale lives..but really, they only LOOK like that.

And its not just girls. Guys have their issues with sex and pornography..which is a whole different set of issues I am unqualified to discuss. However company magazine were gracious enough to give me a few insights into some of the ideals guys have...No, we don't look sexy first thing in the morning. I know you think its bad, but its really worse than you think; puffy eyes, panda eyes, scattered hair/hairnet/half-tied, half removed head scarf, drool on the side of the mouth/ stinky I'm only helping to burst the crazy ideals you have..with any luck she won't be as bad a that and you'll be happy with whatever you get. I guess an alternative to super high ideals are shitty low whatever the case you'll either be prepared or very

And then again, maybe not. But what then is the way out??
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