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Friday, 30 July 2010

Pray for your enemies...:s

The bible says pray for your enemies. Deep. It’s bad enough getting people to pray for their friends everyone is focused on the almighty ME. So when you eventually do, you feel “Right I’ve done a good thing” So, how much of a saint do you have to be to pray for our enemies.
A lot of churches have made a business out of praying against their enemies. Most of those prayers are like throwing grenade bombs at your enemies. I’ve participated in some of these church prayers thanks to mother and have always felt a tad bit uncomfortable chanting ‘die’ at the so-called witches, wizards and even cats :o

Some say in Africa it is very needed because of our background and how supposedly evil we are with all the bad beleh people wishing you evil. But a friend of mine from Kenya claims they have no such thing as witches in her country?? So maybe it’s not an African thing just a Nigerian thing....?

I know they say, the prayers are not targeted at actual people and they quote that “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood” but after praying these prayers, most are expecting to hear news of the death of one old aunty in the village or something.

I don’t have any strong views except that I feel uncomfortable praying for my enemies to die and would try to lean towards the praying for them ideal...even though it sounds absurd..
But as a Nigerian am I being stupidly naive? Is praying for your enemies reserved for the hillsong type western Christian who probably don’t even have enemies??
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