Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal wedding is upon us!!!

So, yeah, I am one of those annoying people who are super excited about the royal wedding. Its not like relevant royalty gets married everyday, so the excitement is needed!!! Plus if its going to cost the British economy £32 million pounds...Heck! we might as well!

I once wrote about how fairytales are evil fairytale schmoozytale, they are still evil!...BUT, you can't hate on a real life fairytale..*lovestruck smiley*. Kate or rather Catherine Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, as she would be known from today, is one lucky girl living the disney fairytale and Prince William is quite the catch! (Although, I think the fuller haired Harry is an even biger catch *wink*).  Disney should follow in the steps of Gossip Girl and make a movie with slight reference to them, it will at least make their stories more closer to real life than all their other junk.

I wish I was camped outside Buckingham palace, but alas! I do not live in fairytale land and I have big bad exams coming up soon. But you don't have to be camped outside the palace to celebrate the day.  Loads of people are having a tea parties in their houses, there have been street parties going on, heard from twitter that there's even an after party at some club in Lagos ^_-.Whatever way you choose, do celebrate the royal couple! If  you're super busy, like ME, you can just watch the wedding live from YouTube and have you own little tea party (where you of course have to drink some tea! Even if you don't dress up). The Broadcast goes live from 10am UK time  on the Royal Wedding YouTube Channel (There's a channel for everything these days).

SugarySea wishes Prince William and Kate Princess Catherine a beautiful day with sunshine! :s And a happy, long and fruitful married life!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fourkornerz in London!

After the release of their Souletric album and a MOBO nomivation, they took a break from the music scene. But alas, the boys are back in town!!!

I've been a fan of these Nigerian brothers from way back in 2007. Having seen them perform a couple of times..I can assure you they are nothing short of amazing. Their soul funk vibes, the gospel/inspirational message of their songs and the crazy energy they bring is worth taking the trip to see them.

The concert will be at 229 the Venue,229 Great Portand Street, LondonW1W 5PN. On the 27th of April at 7pm. You can  find out how to get tickets (which are only £10) from their website They will be performing their newly released single "superstar" among others. The event also includes Guvna B and Dionne Reid as supporting acts.

Monday, 18 April 2011

The sore looser syndromne

The sore looser

Lucky winner
 So, after being swept away in the euphoria of fairly "free and fair elections" we find ourselves waking up to news of riots and killings of youth corpers in Kaduna. To be honest, I personally would have voted for Buhari, if I got the chance to vote because I feel that PDP's stronghold on the country needs to be gone. Fair enough people say they voted for Goodluck and not PDP, in any case with a 10 million lead, the people have spoken. Nigeria wants Goodluck and all his lucky charms.

After having thought that Buhari was a decent candidate I am very disappointed that even after the riots his only response has been  lodge an official complain with INEC that the elections were rigged. Instead of trying  to calm down his supporters and urge them to stop the violence for the sake of a peaceful country. This is certainly not the type of selfish, short-sighted, sour candidate I would have liked to see as the president of Nigeria. Time would tell if Goodluck would be any better but I will remain positive.

The killings in Kaduna are however not a good sign. I pray that the souls of all the victims rest in peace and I pray that God will comfort their families. For the displaced and injured people, I pray that God will be there with  them in these horrible times.

I pray that Nigeria will not be another Ivory Coast, please pray for Nigeria.

Monday Track!

It's a new week and new energy and motivation is needed.

Here's a week starting jammer: New song Shame, by Jill Scott and E.V.E

Loving her hairr! n the check out the A group...heavy divas!
Be magnificent!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The gift of singleness

It almost sounds like an overcompensating joke. At least, I thought so the first time I came across the book with this title. Being single at the time( still am), this might have been a cheery book to read, but I thought “Nah, I don’t need any patronising soothsayers to tell me how lucky I am to be single" *insert exaggerated eyeball rolling*.

Remember those innocent, carefree days of when you were much younger. When you only had to worry about your times tables. I miss those days! I didn’t have to worry about anything!!... At least not anything serious. The same cycle continues, we're always going to long for the simpler days.

Fast forward 10 years down the road. You are married to a great man, have 2/3 great kids, and a nice job. Its exactly how you pictured it but guess what ?! you didn't imagine that you wouldn’t have time for yourself. It’s always going to be my kids this, my husband this, my job that! Even with just a boyfriend, you still have to think about the other person and plan with them in mind.

The gift of singleness is freedom. You don’t have all that stress, you can just do you. You can call the shots in your own life without anyone’s approval. You can travel to Antarctica if you like, shave off your hair..whatever! (err..almost whatever) Focus on you. your dreams. your goals. The person you want to become. Do the things you've always wanted to do. Enjoy your own company. Goof around in your room. Chat to your friends forever and not feel guilty.  Know and love you!!

I think not worrying about the future really helps. Knowing that at the right time God will bring the right guy. If I know that day will surely come, that means I have limited days of freedom left and I sure as hell would make use of them now before they run out.

For all the single people out there, I hope you begin to see the gift in your singleness and just enjoy me-time.
And here's a stirring p4cm video about waiting. Enjoy :)

Monday, 11 April 2011

And It is written...

So, a couple of years back I remember when I began to test my writting prowess and I wrote out a bunch of random scenarios. I am still not a very good prose writer, it may be something I wish to experiment more with later but we shall see.

Life is for sharing, so I thought I would share them with you.

They do not make sense in a progressive manner. They are just a bunch of lines/paragraphs where I try to play around with similies and just the flow of words. Some of them make more sense than the others...I have my favourites...but I'll leave you to decide yours( if you have any). Enjoy


The rain poured down heavily. Flooding my senses with memories of every time we had walked this same route to my place. They were all happy memories, blissfull ones in fact. The wind jolted my umbrella upwards, and the rain poured heavily on me soaking me through and through. I tasted the warm salty tears mixed with rain on my lips and slowly continued to make my way home.

Always, always and forever yours. Sometimes, I wander away and get lost. Sometimes, my feet finds itself in dodgy territories, my eyes seek new and delightful sights and my flesh aches for lusty thrills of the world. But your love, the sweet, poignant, far reaching tendrils of your love always draws me back into your embrace. You’re always there. No matter what, no matter how far I wander, you always take me back. Please always be like this and never let me go because I‘ll only always and forever be yours if you’ll always and forever be mine, my Lord, my King and my God.
(This one was more from the heart than from the head)

She was all he wanted in a girl; smart, sexy and at the same time innocent...innocent enough for him to want to protect her. It made him feel very important and manly. The fact that despite all her brains and beauty she still needed him, that did wonders for a man’s ego. He watched her as she spoke to their realtor, outlining all the specifications she wanted for their dream house. He had recently proposed to her and they were planning on moving in together. Finding the right house was proving difficult but it was more of Sheila’s problem. His problem had come earlier in form of the proposal. He had wanted it to be perfect and he had spent many nights worrying and many days planning the perfect scenario for it. He had consulted Dapo, his best friend and Angela, Sheila’s younger sister day and night to go over every detail and to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything. It had to be perfect because this was the first time and last time he was ever going to propose to a woman. But it was also his nature, if he was going to be involved in anything it had to be planned articulately and executed perfectly.

Reading and writing and the preservation of language and its forms and the kind of eloquence and the kind of beauty which the language is capable of is terribly important to the human beings because this is connected to thought. — Iris Murdoch

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hope for the future

I met an old gentleman the other day. We were at the Nigerian embassy and everyone was stressed and irritated about the inefficiency and disorderliness of the system. There weren’t enough seats for everyone and so immediately someone’s number got called up, it was a scramble to get their seats. The lucky winner of the seat next to me was an old gentleman. I watched him shuffle and settle down. He picked up his phone and left a voicemail for someone explaining that his trip to the embassy would take much longer than he had expected and so they should not bother to expect him soon. He only hoped he would get his whole business sorted before the embassy closed for the day. As I watched him I smiled to myself. He was cute. Not in a pervy way oh. This guy was old enough to be my grandpa but he obviously had a sharp mind. He could still work his phone to fill in appointment dates on his phone calendar and he spoke impeccable English. I love cute old gentle men because they have a mass of knowledge and history to happily give away and so I decided that I somehow had to strike up a convo with this man to pass the time in this dreadful place.

I can’t remember now the first question I asked, but we did get talking and somehow the convo drifted to the Lagos he knew before he left Nigeria in the 1960s. All the British and a few Nigerians in the upper echelons of society lived in Ikoyi while the normal Lagosians lived in other parts like Surulere. Despite the division, he clearly remembered that things were good. There was always electricity and water. Not any more I joked. He frowned slightly at this and said that after going back to visit over the years, he had seen his country get worse and worse and somewhere along the line he lost hope for a better Nigeria.

A few seats away was a man passionately arguing that it was wrong to be watching British television in the Nigerian Embassy. “Don’t they have AIT?! This is the problem with Nigeria; we don’t like to appreciate our own things!” Some nodded in agreement chanting “It’s true, it’s true!” Others just looked on, worn out from waiting hours to be attended to. The old man next to me slowly shook his head and said “Oh, I don’t like to even think about Nigeria’s problems”. He said it so vehemently that I felt sorry for him. This man had lived his whole life hoping for a better Nigeria and nearing the end of his life, he had given up carrying the unfulfilled hope around with him. Better to forget and die peacefully I guess, than be driven to your grave frustrated and disappointed in your home country.

It made me think though, one thing he doesn’t have that I do have is time and the opportunity to do something. This man obviously didn’t contribute much to Nigeria because he left when he was 20 and only came back as an observer. His whole life and children were in England and so maybe it was easier for him to give up hope. The morale of the story is if we fold our hands and do nothing, nothing would happen and the lawlessness that prevails in our country would continue to prevail. We have to be actively engaged in building Nigeria. Than man doesn’t have the chance to be in the future of Nigeria anymore but we do! We are young and we have the power! If only we believe. I love my country, I really do and as bleak as it seems now, I have hope that a glorious future looms ahead of us. If we look clearly we can almost see the first few strains of light coming through. The full coming of that glorious day however depends on YOU and ME!

I absolutely love TY Bello! I am so excited that she's back and I love this song, the message, the video. She's so beautiful as well...I could go on and on, she deserves her own post.

Please Leave your comments! Would love to hear your thoughts :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Light at the end

Some days are just gloomy. You know you really have no right to be sad but you just are. You know you should be grateful for the amazing life you have but somewhere inside you, you know it could still be better than it was. I wish for alot of things right now, but wishes aren't horses. The only way to fly is to buy me a set of wings..(or a Regardless, I'll never stop being hopeful. God's plans for me give me a future and a hope. That's after all why this blog is called sugary sea...the bright optimistic side of life.

If you ever feel down and out, be encouraged. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel as far as we hope in God. I do have to add though, that there may be light at the end of the tunnel but you will only get there by walking towards it. Fait + works peoples!

Peace out! :)
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