Monday, 9 August 2010


I wrote this a while ago, and even the events that have occured in the time between then and now has just proven how true this is.

So I just realised how fickle relationships are, how temporary the modern definition of love is. This comes after hearing about the one million and one-th break-up. Marriage, relationships and friendships...none escape d wrath of fickle love. Has love always been this way or is it the evolution of our minds and our never ending search for freedom? To be free from love? Rules? God? Normalcy?

Such freedom has slowly given rise to anarchy. Where one man's I do really means 'I do-as far as I still have my freedom'. I am somehow also connected to this search for freedom, not to be bound by any restricting rules but at the same time I crave the stabilty and order?

In all of this, I am sure of only one thing....God's love is the only constant thing. Yet some still run from it. For me it is the one thing I can hold on to for stability in this ever-changing temporary world. The Bible says heaven and earth will pass away but His words will remain and He has said that he loves me....what more stability can a girl ask for while being given permission to be unabashedly me? :)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Gift

I saw this once on someones facebook note and after reading, I literally brought out my pen and paper and wrote it all down..for me. But now I'm gonna write it out again for you:

Every woman has an insatiable need for relationship, one that can never be filled. It is an ache in her soul designed to drive her to God. She aches for intimacy, to be known, loved and chosen. It also explains her deepest fear- abandonment/rejection.

You have to have someplace to turn... For comfort, understanding. For the healing of brokeness. For love. To offer life, you must have life. And you can only get this from God.

We live in a great love story, set in the midst of war. The great and terrible clash between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness continues. They are fighting for the human heart.

Jesus is the hero of this love story and we are his beloved. So the greatest gift you can give yourself is to develop a real relationship with Jesus Christ, where you are finding in God the life and love your soul desperately needs.
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