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Monday, 4 July 2011

30 10 days challenge

I've been lacking blogspiration recently, so I decided to hop on this 30 day challenge that's been floating about on blogsville BUT I am going to be cheating. Cheating in a good way though because I'm sure no one is terribly interested in reading these 30 things (of which a lot are personal). So yes, I shall be cherry picking the questions I want to answer..bite me :)

First one up 5 ways to win my heart
  • Love God. If you appear to have an apparent love for God you have a major advantage in my books, the sad thing is that this is easy to feign. Seriously though, my ideal man is a man like David, a man after God's heart. That being said, I am not so up for being a Pastors wife, can I just get me a banker, engineer, architect version of David...Thank you.

  • Be Tall. So yeah you got to have to be tall to find your way to my heart. I know that sounds shallow and I know you cannot make yourself tall but soz thats just the way it is.  Yay for tall guys!

  • Be eloquent. I am a sucker for an eloquent man. No dodgy accents or frequent gbaguans and even when you message me there still have to be a decipherable bit of English left in it.
  • Be a go-getter. If you want something go after it whatever it is, drive in a guy is very attractive. You have to be able to chase your dream and your goals and er, me.
  • Don't be too predictable. Its nice for guys to spring up (pleasant) suprises from time to time, makes things a bit more fresh and exciting.
Caveat: So erm, success rates cannot be guaranteed. Generally these are nice things to have and do but there aren't any set ways to win my heart, actually I'm not that hard to please. But winning my heart alone won't do much good because you have to win my heart, my head etc...At the end of the day you either got it or you don't!  *kanye shrug* :)

That's all for now folks!

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