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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


So, I’ve been talking alot about vision and what not. It really cannot be overemphasized cuz it’s where it all begins and without seeing what you want first...well you simply can’t get it. Nyhoos, ok, you’ve seen it and whoop! You’re excited cuz all the ideas are pouring in and you literally feel shivers down your spine at the excitement of the sheer possibilities. Now, you actually have to get doing...ACTION...else you end up feeling a little like this...

The worst thing is making the same mistakes over and over. What happens when you know where you want to go, like you can see it right there but you just-no matter how hard you seem to try you can’t seem to reach it. It's the kind of thing that makes you just want to bang your head over and over again on a brick wall and scream in frustration(I would not advise this) And in does seem like there’s a wall standing between you and your goals/dreams (explains the head-bashing feeling)”

Written in one of my moments of sheer frustration. See, if everyone in the world was classified by what they do, Think-ers, Do-ers, Write-ers and Speak-ers. I would most definitely fall under thinkers. While each category has its apparent advantages, there are also limitations. I really wish I was more of a do-er. Some once told me vision without provision is frustration (forgive the tacky rhymes...maybe my sources r dodgy, but it gets the point across) ok, a bit off-point since we’re not talking about provision. But I can rephrase and say vision without action is frustration. Common sense, you might fact everything I’ve written here could be regarded as simple plain common sense but maybe common sense isn’t so common anymore because I’ve always seemed to fall short at this same point. So, if you like this could be considered a pep-talk for me and any other person that this may apply to. But still we can, talk, think and write from now till thy kingdom come and if nothing is done then nothing changes. While talk and its partners are cheap like they say, actions are a tad bit more expensive. Mostly because it is held down by fear and I don’t think its fear that we are not capable but fear that others will think we are not doing absolutely rubbish.

But once again fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real (forgive once more). It’s really all in the mind and if we can get over it we can just GET UP & GO! Or you know what even you are still scared shitless still get up and go despite the Fear...I think that’s the only way. Quit the over thinking, and just jump. Metaphorically please don’t go and jump of the top of a sky scraper..Start with a one- storey as far as you’re moving you’ll eventually get there.

And heres a video for u to JUMP around to.Enjoy. x

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