Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Natural Hair

So, I've been meaning to document my hair journey and hair state of mind for a while. In September 2010, I decided to cut my hair. I finally gave in to the urge after a long time of wanting to cut it but not being bold enough to. (see this post from 2010)

After getting over the initial shock, I loovved my short hair!

....but after a while I started missing my hair and just let it grow back.
I had initially planned to do a rihanna type mushroom cut when it grew back but somehow I got into this natural business. I have a couple of friends, one of who is Michelle, who has been natural  for years (and has a really cool natural hair blog) and they along with Solange, numerous youTubers and bloggers got me to consider going natural.

So, I played with my TWA for a bit. This was fun and frustrating at the same time because most of the time I didn't know what to do with it but I got excited everytime I found something that worked.

Right now my hair has grown much longer and fuller and I don't know what to do to it anymore. When I tell my natural friends this, they're like "Dami noo, don't quit! you're using the wrong conditioner/oil/pre poo..." I have been overwhelmed by the amount of product you need to try out as a natural head. In the beginning I was so ready to go out and buy after seeing like 100 YouTube videos, I was convinced I knew all I needed to. I went out and got some Shea butter from Nigeria, coconut oil, natural this, natural that. But after a couple of months I am convinced they cannot work on my super hard and unruly hair and I think I give up.

I read DatfunkyFro's blog (which is really cool by the way) and I came across this post. I am definitely not natural in my head yet. I still imagine myself with sleek relaxed hair and as much as I loove how beautiful natural hair can look, I might have to accept that my hair will never look like that and even if it could, I will always lust after sleek hair and being able to leave my hair out in a weavee!

I will probably cut my hair again at some point and I might not relax it just yet but the thing with hair is I think people take it too seriously with #teamnatural/short hair Vs #teamweave/relaxed hair. As long as you keep your healthy, I don't see a problem. Too much of everything isnt good, so obvs don't over relax, over-straighten, over-braid/weave or whatever to your hair. I'm one of the people that accepts the benefits of living in the 21st century, be that relaxers or the Internet.

At the end of the day, keep your hair healthy and rock it how you like it!

Peace, love and beautiful locks!


  1. Hey sis! Let me just start by saying I have really enjoyed reading this post...and I definitely wasn't expecting to see my name at the bottom lol! Glad you like the blog sis and thanks for the love :D Okay, seriously, I really understand what you mean. There were times I got so tired of trying this product and that one...I also used to get the urge to buy products just because it was doing it for other naturals but they never and I so mean NEVER worked for me...so I STOPPED. I decided to get to know my hair and that's what led me to creating my own hair care line. That aside. Do not be discouraged though, there is so many things you can do to your hair sis! However, if you do not fins the joy of being a natural anymore well then, there's no point. It really is solely your choice! If you prefer perms, then go for it! You are right, healthy hair should be our goals. But again, I do want to encourage you in your natural journey...please don't hesitate on asking me any questions you might have!
    Stay blessed!


  2. Oooh and by the way...you are BEAUTIFUL! :D


  3. Aww! Thank you! :)
    n yeahh thats the stage I am oh. Its so cool that you started your own hair care linee! I will def be hitting you up for tips while im still natural but like I said soon I will be back to perms :( But no harm caring for my natural hair while it lasts :)

    n thnks again for the comment :D

  4. loooooooooooooooove this post.xxx

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